Best Podcast Apps for Android

There is something extremely relaxing about listening to your favorite podcast and drinking coffee. The best podcast apps for Android allow you to do just that by minimizing the hassle and making it easy to access and listen to your favorite podcasts.

I’m not a huge podcast listener but I completely understand why anyone would want a dedicated podcast app for Android. Not only it’s more convenient but also allows you to simply play your favorite podcasts without the worry of controls or interruptions. I do listen to a few game developer podcasts on a semi-regular basis, catch podcast done by Kevin Smith here and there, and that’s about it. So I’m not the authority on the latest and greatest podcasts, but I do know a good podcast app from about one.

Writer’s Note: The best podcast apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. I listened to different podcasts for around 5 minute each and all of the apps played them really well. I also downloaded certain podcasts just to test out how fast the download is and it turned out to be good as well. All of the apps worked fine and no problems were faced during the testing.

Podcast Addict

    Xavier GuillemaneNews & MagazinesFree Podcast Addict is the number one Android podcast app right now and there are several reasons behind that. The biggest one is that the app allows you to manage not only podcasts but also audiobooks, live streams, Twitch, YouTube, and sound cloud channels from a singular app. Discovering new channels or subscribing to your favorite podcast is fairly easy on this app. You can easily search podcasts by using different keywords or even the name. Podcast Addict also features the trending and top rated podcasts by their categories. You can easily browse through podcast networks and even browse recommendations that are based on your current subscriptions. I really love how the app gives you full control over payback, you can easily volume boost without using a volume booster app for Android and even skip periods of silence in the podcast. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Podcast Player

    Castbox.FM News & MagazinesFree Podcast Player is a well-designed podcast app for Android that will impress you with its beautiful user interface as well as good playback options. The app has a robust collection of audiobooks, podcasts, FM music, and streaming radio. The app is capable of providing you with not only entertainment but also educational material without much effort. You can subscribe to educational podcasts like Ted Talks or even stay up-to-date with current affairs with a news podcast. One of the best things about this app is that it provides local podcasts from over 70+ countries and even offers podcasts in different languages. So, if you are bilingual and don’t want to listen to English podcasts, this app is the best one you can find on Google Play Store. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Podcast Republic

    Podcast RepublicNews & MagazinesFree If you’re looking for a straightforward podcast app for Android and just want to download and listen to your favorite podcasts, then Podcast Republic is one of the best options available. It is the only app you’ll need to manage and play your subscriptions, audiobooks and playlists and it does so in great style. The app also has live radio streaming support, so you’ll never be left unentertained. The app supports all major podcast networks, allows you to discover new podcasts and even subscribe to them without much effort. You’ll be able to find almost any popular podcast on this app with its handy search feature. If you are like me and want to download the podcast for offline playback, there is an option to do that as well. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    Podbean Tech LLCMusic & AudioFree Browsing trending and new podcasts on this app by category is one of the most rewarding experience. You’ll be able to find exciting new content right on the home screen and discover new podcasts according to your own personal interests. The app is also capable of sending customized recommendations to your personalized main screen, so you’ll be able to enjoy what you like the most. Podbean also comes with a ton of audiobooks from bestsellers to classics and that too for free. You’ll be able to easily stream podcasts on the Internet or if you prefer to download them for offline play, there is an option to do that as well. The app comes with intelligent features that remove silences from the episode, so you get to the meaty stuff without any waiting. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Pocket Casts

    Shifty JellyNews & Magazines$2.99 If you want to get the best podcast app for Android and you are willing to shell a few bucks for it, then there is nothing better than Pocket Casts. This app is filled to the brim with unique features that will make listening to your favorite podcast an enjoyable experience. The app comes with a familiar material design, so you’ll feel instantly at home with the interface. You can also choose between light and dark themes to suit your personal preference. You can easily build up a queue of your preferred shows on this app and listen to them without any interruptions. The app will even trim out silences from the episode, so you can listen to the interesting parts and not waste time on empty ones. You’ll also be able to change the playback speed, even speed it up 3 times, if the podcaster is going really slow. Pocket Casts also has Chromecast support, so you can cast episodes directly on your TV from the app. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    Castbox.FM News & MagazinesFree Castbox is what happens when you combine a trivia game with a podcast app. I would highly recommend that you totally ignore the trivia game because it’s not necessary to play your favorite podcasts however, if you want to give it a shot it is actually pretty good. Back to the podcast section of the app, the podcast player offers a sleek looking layout which is easy to use and offers a lot of features for podcast lovers. There are a ton of categories to choose from when it comes to podcasts and you can either stream them directly or download them for offline use. With a press of a button you’ll be subscribed to a podcast and with the press of another you’ll be able to download the whole episode without any hitches. The app also comes with simple FM radio as well as a good audiobook player. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Podcast App

    Player FM PodcastsNews & MagazinesFree Podcast App offers over 300,000 podcasts for you to listen to. Of course, you’re not going to listen to that many podcasts, so there are handy categories and topics for you to shorten the playlist. The app is capable of downloading your favorites and making them available for offline listening. So if you’re planning to travel a lot, this app will come in handy. Another great thing about this podcast is that it knows that internal storage space on smartphones is limited and often small, so it offers the ability to save podcast to the SD card which is a great feature. The Podcast App also allows you to create custom categories so you can organize the podcasts according to your personal needs and as a result make them a lot easier to find. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Podcast Go

    Sanity Audio AppsNews & MagazinesFree If you’re looking for a straightforward podcast player for Android, then the Podcast Go app is the best one you can get. It is very well-designed with an easy to navigate interface, comes with great features to discover new podcasts and has an awesome looking podcast player. The app allows you to download the episodes and listen to them offline whenever you want. You’ll be able to control the speed of the podcast, so if a podcaster is speaking excruciatingly slow, you can speed them up significantly. One great feature I personally really like is the sleep timer; usually I listen to podcasts in bed and shortly afterwards fall asleep, so a sleep timer is a really handy feature to have. The app also allows you to save downloaded podcasts to the SD card, saving you internal storage space. If you want to cast a podcast directly to your TV, Podcast Go also comes with Chromecast support. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    SoundCloudMusic & AudioFree SoundCloud is not exactly a dedicated podcast app for Android but it can double as one without any hitches. The groundwork is all there for it to be an amazing podcast app and it utilizes that to bring you a lot of content without overloading anything. Sure, it is more known for its music hosting prowess, but a lot of podcasts are actually being hosted on soundCloud these days so you might as well download it right now. One great thing about SoundCloud is that it observes your listening patterns and tastes and then starts recommending you stuff that you would actually like. While it may not push podcasts to the front, it is fairly obvious that the developers value podcasts a lot. If your favorite podcaster is using SoundCloud, it makes perfect sense to jump on it as well. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Closing Words:

No matter what Android podcast player you choose, you’ll get more or less the same experience. Of course the features and the interface may differ, but at the end of the day all of the apps will allow you to listen to your favorite podcasts without any problems. Most of the features are common between all of the apps and you’ll have no trouble downloading and listening to podcasts offline.

If you are reading this list about the best podcast apps for Android, you must already know some awesome podcasts. So, please recommend us some amazing podcasts as well, we would love to listen to something new and engaging.

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